Hand-drawn map of Mineral Fork watershed

Missouri Stream Team staff love maps. Maps help us strategize float trips, find the nearest state parks and conservation areas, and even help highlight trash sites. They make sense of the world; for us, that means telling water quality stories happening every day, all over the state.

By the looks of it, you love maps, too. When helping us locate your Stream Team sites, you send in all kinds of data: GPS coordinates, written descriptions, and maps from every source imaginable. Thanks for those. It makes our job easy.

Introducing: the Hand-Drawn Maps series!

While Google Maps rules in ease and accuracy, our favorite maps to look at are the hand-drawn variety, lovingly traced with attention to riffles, runs, and relevant landscape features. No extra lines, no unnecessary details. Just a stream, some roads and a compass rose.

This first example comes from volunteer Tim Harrison, who submitted his Mineral Fork Creek watershed map in the mid-2000s.

Mineral Fork Watershed Map
Stream Team volunteer Tim Harrison drew this map of the Mineral Fork Watershed.

We love the colors, custom mileage and carefully drawn tributaries. It really shows how the topography falls there in Washington County. In the coming months, we’ll share more of our favorite volunteer-submitted maps.

When using your maps for Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring site confirmation, we recommend marking your site with one of these websites and using GPS coordinates. It’s boring, but necessary. When drawing your own maps, we recommend having fun and visiting this article or the Hand-Drawn Maps Association for inspiration!

Do you have a hand-drawn watershed or stream map of your own? Send it to Holly! We’d love to share your creations.


Learn more about Mineral Fork:

Missouri Canoe’s Big River and Mineral Fork Mile-by-Mile Description

MDC’s Smallmouth bass limit on Big River, Mineral Fork and Joachim Creeks

FLLOG’s Float #67: Mineral Fork


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