Issue Alert: Changes proposed that would affect the Department of Conservation

photo by Flickr user B, K & G

Senate Joint Resolution No. 42 will be debated on the Senate floor SOON.  House Joint Resolution 57 is an identical bill introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives. We would like to encourage you to learn more about this issue and the effects it would have on our Missouri Department of Conservation in its efforts to manage our fish, forests, and wildlife.

This legislation will establish a permanent Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and oversee all rules promulgated by state agencies, including the Missouri Conservation Commission. This represents a departure from how conservation has operated in Missouri since the 1930s and returns the state to a time when the General Assembly set hunting, fishing and other regulations.

Those who have opinions about this bill should contact their senators and representatives as soon as possible. Name and contact information for members of the General Assembly, as well as the full text of this bill, can be found at

Read about this issue in recent articles from the News Tribune and the Southeast Missourian.

Please contact your State Senator and Representative and voice your opinion.

Quick Links

Senate Joint Resolution No. 42

Learn more about all proposed regulation changes in Missouri state government

Look Up your Senator and State Representative

News Tribune

Southeast Missourian

-1One goal of the Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition is to encourage advocacy among the Stream Team Community.  One way we do this is by sending out Issue Alerts that will give your Team the opportunity to voice an opinion regarding issues related to protection of our water resources.


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