Issue Update: ONSR Bill at Senate Appropriations Committee

[EDITOR UPDATE: See the final outcome of this bill.]

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways bill, HB 2006, passed the Senate’s Second Reading and has been sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Contact members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to voice your opinion on the maintenence of the Riverways in the state park budget and transferring the Riverways from the National Park to the Missouri State Park system.

Here’s a brief history of the bill:

  • February 6 – Bill is first introduced by Representative Rick Stream.
  • February 10  – Bill is referred to the Budget Committee
  • March 12 – Bill is referred to Rules Committee
  • March 27 – Bill is read a final time in the House and passed with 110 yes votes and 40 no votes [see how your representatives voted]. It is introduced and read the first time at the Senate.
  • March 31 – Bill is read a second time in the Senate and referred to the Senate Committee on Senate-Appropriations

Details of HB 2006 can be found here, and you can read here for more about the legislative process.

Learn more about all proposed regulation changes in Missouri state government

-1One goal of the Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition is to encourage advocacy among the Stream Team Community. One way we do this is by sending out Issue Alerts that will give your Team the opportunity to voice an opinion regarding issues related to protection of our water resources.


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