24th Annual Project Blue River Rescue Results

Saturday, April 5, was a record-breaker for Project Blue River Rescue. The project’s director, Vicki Richmond, says they gained new high numbers for nearly every measure!

  • 1,200 volunteers
  • 34 work sites (with 14 brand-new leaders at work sites!)
  • 4,000 trash bags (about 60 tons of trash)
  • 822 tires
  • 300 riparian forest trees and shrubs planted in a teasel-infested marsh behind Lakeside Nature Center
  • 3 acres of invasive, non-native honeysuckle removed and treated with herbicide

By all accounts, Vicki says, it was a great day. New leaders rocked their socks off, lunch operations were smooth and as litter-free as possible, and the project took on a new site, where a concerned landowner simply asked if PBRR could help. Could they ever: “That one site gave up 100 tires by ten in the morning,” Vicki says. She estimates it will take PBRR at least three years to fully scour that location, which they’re calling “Sorenson’s Creek.”

Here’s just a sample of the variety of landscapes and trash along the Blue River this year:

Photos keep rolling in from volunteers and leaders, so check back on PBRR’s Facebook page for more! You can also read about the day on KCTV Channel 5.

Mark your calendars: Next year–PBRR’s 25th Anniversary–the cleanup will take place on March 28, 2015.

Learn more: How Project Blue River Rescue has put on massive cleanups for nearly half a century.


25th-ST_Logo-Color-FinalThe 24th Annual Project Blue River Rescue cleanup was part of “25 Days of Stream Team,” a series of events celebrating our 25th year of citizens caring for Missouri streams. Join the fun and learn how to earn prizes with the Passport Program!


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