Hand-drawn stream maps: the typewriter edition!

When you choose a new Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring site, how do you let us know where it is? Do you scan a map and mark it with a highlighter? Print it off of Google Maps and mail it in? Maybe, if you’re savvy, tweet a screenshot to our staff?

Actually, Stream Team doesn’t even have a Twitter account. Yet. But even though we’re a bit behind the times, that’s nothing compared to this next anachronism. In our second edition of the Hand-drawn Maps Series, we’re admiring the handiwork of Delwin Johnson. His pen drawings of Keifer, Coonville and Gravois Creeks came complete with type-written labels. How trendy of him.

Keifer Creek
Coonville Creek

You know, the cool thing about typewriters is how they print instantly.

Gravois Creek
Gravois Creek

Very cool, Delwin. Very cool.

Do you have a hand-drawn watershed or stream map of your own? Send it to Holly! We’d love to share your creations.

typewriter photo by Flickr user Cody Geary


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