A new way to celebrate Missouri Stream Team’s 25th Anniversary

25th-ST_Logo-Color-FinalThe Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition is excited to bring you this blog! To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Missouri Stream Team, our stories will highlight the organization’s three goals: Stewardship, Advocacy, and Education—in fun and exciting ways.

Sorry, did we say, “our stories?” We mean your stories. Stream Team couldn’t have lasted this long without you.

We hope these articles will help you keep up with this year’s 25+ special Stream Team activities,  offer opportunities to voice your opinion on stream-related issues,  and teach you a little something along the way. Or maybe a lot of somethings. Just tell us what you want to learn, and we’ll do our best to find out!

For a complete rundown of events and prizes for participating in “25 Days of Stream Team,” check out our flier here.


MSTWCThe Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition (MSTWC) is a not-for-profit organization made up of representatives from Stream Team Associations throughout the state. Associations are groups of Stream Teams within watersheds who work together.

We strive to link the Stream Team community together to create healthy watersheds and improved streams across the state.

The Coalition promotes and supports watershed based Stream Team Associations and the Stream Team Program, by serving as a resource for information, education, stewardship and advocacy; by facilitating communication among Associations; and by serving as a united voice for healthy watersheds in Missouri. For more information, please visit the MSTWC website.


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