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Greenway Network monitors every place a road crosses Dardenne Creek

photos by Bob Virag, Stream Team volunteer
words by Larry Ruff, Greenway Network 

Dardenne Creek is 27 miles long.  It originates in Warren County, flows northwest through St. Charles County and empties into the Mississippi River directly north of St. Peters.  It is a pretty creek in its headwaters–Ozarkian in nature.

ST 463 Dardenne Day 10-12-14-A little rain doesn't stop us!
Monica Hull, Larry Ruff, and Matt Hull kick around looking for macroinvertebrates on October 12, 2014. A little rain doesn’t stop us!

In the ’20s and ’30s, farmers channelized the creek in the flatter regions of the county. Those farms have become hundreds of subdivision neighborhoods. It crosses I-70 at St. Peters and runs through he Mississippi River floodplain. Every where a road crosses the creek, Greenway Network tries to monitor that site.

Lindenwood Univ student volunteers
Lindenwood University students enjoying lunch provided by Greenway Network after the stream monitoring.
Gail Johnston ST 2819 & Larry Ruff ST 463
Gail Johnston is a Biology instructor at Lindenwood University (ST 2819) in St. Charles and always brings students to Dardenne Day.

We’ve been doing Dardenne Day for at least 14 years. Monitoring takes place in the Spring and the Fall. This year, Dardenne Day was part of 25 Days of Stream Team.

In the Spring: 19 sites on the creek were monitored by 29 volunteers, 9 different Stream Teams.

In the Fall: 16 sites monitored by 10 volunteers, 5 Stream Teams.

Curious about how all these site visits turned out? Download results here and see for yourself! Macro ratings ranged from 0 to 25, pH hovered around 8.2, and they even logged e. coli numbers. Very interesting.

If you want to get involved with Dardenne Day or any of the other great events put on all year by Greenway Network, visit their website.

Snail Case Maker Caddisfly (Helicopsychidae)
Snail Case Maker Caddisfly (Helicopsychidae)


Monitor Dardenne Creek with Greenway Network on May 4

Activities: Help monitor water quality on Dardenne Creek with Greenway Network for the annual Dardenne Creek Monitoring Day
greenwaynetworkDate: Sunday, May 5, 2014
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Place: 20+ sites along Dardenne Creek, with a celebratory end at Greenway Network’s office at 215 Indacom Drive, St. Peters

What to expect: Arrange sampling locations with Greenway Network ahead of time. Stream Team volunteers will collect water chemistry data, macroinvertebra​te data, and stream discharge measurements throughout the day. If you’re a newbie, Greenway will connect you with trained volunteers.

Bring the data back to Greenway Network’s office at 215 Indacom Drive, St. Peters, MO by 1:00 p.m.  A tasty lunch of Subway sandwiches and drinks will be provided to all participants!

What to bring: Always dress appropriately for the weather and please bring gloves that you do not mind getting dirty. Volunteers need to bring their monitoring equipment (unless you’re paired with a trained volunteer).

For more information: Contact Larry Ruff at greenwaynetwork​@gmail.com or call (636) 498-0772 to register and arrange site locations.


For more information, visit www.greenwaynet​work.org.

25th-ST_Logo-Color-FinalThis volunteer water quality monitoring event  is part of “25 Days of Stream Team” and counts as a stamp on your stream team passport if you submit an activity report. Learn more about all 25+ events and the passport program